Company History

  1. Based on cutting-edge microcontroller technology, the German Federal Office of Civil Defense replaces and modernises 140 monitoring stations in the national radioactivity monitoring network for optimal civil protection with new safety technology. 

  2. On 26 April 1986, the most catastrophic accident in the civil nuclear sector occurs in block 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. The impact of the fallout extends well beyond the Ukrainian borders, affecting the whole of Europe to a greater or lesser extent. Although the nuclear washout causes significant contamination in some parts of Western Europe, this is only detected at a later date and is not fully reported. This has serious consequences for the nuclear emergency management in European countries. In Germany, the Federal Office of Civil Defense increases the coverage of the monitoring network. At the same time, the regulations are tightened with regard to the sensitivity of the detection units.

  3. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection is founded; it takes over responsibility for the radiation monitoring system from the Federal Office of Civil Defense, extending it to 1600 monitoring stations, supplied by our company. We are also commissioned to implement new nationwide online monitoring networks, or update existing systems, in other European countries.

  4. The first intelligent gamma detector comes onto the market. Based on state-of-the-art microcontroller technology, this probe features integrated data calculation and storage. The readings are now transmitted digitally to the data logger, making the data transfer resistant to electromagnetic interference while improving the quality and reliability of the readings.

  5. By order of the European Commission, online radiation monitoring systems are set up in Ukraine and Belarus under the project name GAMMA.

  6. The first solution is implemented in the US with a monitoring network around Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts.

  7. The software company TechniData takes over Hörmann's business operations in the field of environmental monitoring technologies. TechniData has many years of experience in the implementation of measuring centers for environmental monitoring in general, and radiation monitoring in particular. Therefore, we are now in a position to set up complete turnkey monitoring networks, made up of measuring stations and the central evaluation software.

  8. The 5,000th detector rolls off the production line. A total of more than 4000 detection units are now in operation around the world.

  9. With the launch of the SARA product line for spectroscopic online monitoring, the company sets new benchmarks and introduces a new trend in environmental radiation monitoring. With its significant improvement in detection sensitivity, SARA is also able to identify the radioactive isotopes.

  10. In order to focus more closely on the core business of radiation monitoring and consolidate its position as the leading manufacturer on the market, TechniData AG's whole ENVINET division is set up as an independent spin-off company, ENVINET GmbH.

  11. Now successfully established on the market, the SARA product series is extended to include a version that detects radioactivity in water. The series thus enables permanent spectroscopic online ring monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, in water up to a depth of 500 metres.

  12. With the launch of its MIRA product line, ENVINET GmbH is setting new standards in the monitoring of gamma dose rays. Its extremely low power consumption and diverse functionality give MIRA the competitive edge.

  13. ENVINET is celebrating its 30th anniversary! For more than 30 years, ENVINET contributes to the safety of humans and the environment. With more than 4,500 online probes that are in operation in more than 70 countries worldwide, ENVINET is the leading manufacturer of environmental radioactivity monitoring networks. Based on its unique expertise, and by constant quality and product improvements, the best possible products and solutions for environmental radiation monitoring are continuously developed.

  14. With the market launch of MONA, the company expands its product portfolio with a mobile monitoring system to detect and localize any radioactive contamination in the environment. MONA, the spectroscopic detection system is particularly characterized by the fast measurement of artificial radionuclides and simultaneous high detection sensitivity for use in land vehicles and aircrafts.

  15. Market launch new generation SARA with new features as high dose spectrometer.

  16. NMC Release 2.9.0 is on the market. NMC can now be used with a modern web interface to visualize the measured values and to administer the measuring systems. Access to the data is thus possible regardless of location.

  17. ENVINET’s Cloud Solution is available. NMC-Cloud is the ideal, turnkey solution for those who do not need or want their own server but prefer a hosted application.

  18. Scienta ENVINET is formed: Scienta Sensor Systems and ENVINET join under the Scienta Scientific Group. Scienta ENVINET combines the strengths of market-leading gamma radiation detection systems from ENVINET, and the radioactive Xenon early warning systems specialities of Scienta Sensor Systems. This allows us to supply the most comprehensive and integrated Radiation Protection Network solution from one source in the industry.

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