Newsletter November 2018

Visit SARA in Thailand

Thailand is now the proud owner of a spectroscopic monitoring network. In September 2018, SARA set up shop to detect synthetic radionuclides at three separate locations, thereby protecting the country's population in future.

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Newsletter October 2018

Premium class: Spain is building one of the largest spectroscopic monitoring networks

Spain is updating its national surveillance network by installing ENVINET probes to monitor Spanish air and soil in future, from the mainland to the islands in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

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Newsletter July 2018

A new lease of life in Bavaria

Special announcement! The ring monitoring network around nuclear facilities has now been
modernized with ENVINET's latest monitoring stations.

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Newsletter June 2018

SARA discovers Thailand – time to discover SARA

Thailand is adding another layer of security to protect its territory and citizens even better in future –
with the help of SARA.

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Newsletter May 2018

Albania has a goal. You too?

That might very well be the solution in your case as well.
Albania is making investments to improve its environmental radiation monitoring.

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Newsletter March 2018

Nepal is committed to monitoring radiation in its environment

ENVINET has been commissioned to install a turnkey online radiation monitoring system on Nepal's territory

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Newsletter January 2018

ENVINET = Innovation

For many years, ENVINET has been successfully developing and manufacturing innovative products for radiological environmental and area monitoring. The latest innovation is a high-grade GFRP housing for our MIRA detector that has numerous benefits.

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