Newsletter May 2020

Coming Q1/2021: SIRA ENVINET

The gamma spectroscopic aerosol monitor that is second to none

For over a decade, ENVINET's SARA spectroscopic probe, which is designed to monitor environmental radiation, has boasted an enviable track record of reliability in the field. Several hundred stations around the world consistently record both the ground-based and the airborne activity at their respective positions. For the latter activity, SARA is now being joined by a sister probe that is in a different class on the scale of sensitivity: introducing SIRA.

SIRA, ENVINET's new, gamma spectroscopic aerosol monitor combines industry-leading, tried-and-tested components, namely ENVINET's SARA and an aerosol sampler made by Digitel Elektronik AG of Switzerland. A perfectly coordinated mechanical design is paired with sophisticated algorithms that control the monitor with maximum precision and analyze the measurement data in situ.


Up to 7 m³ of air are pumped per hour through the sampler and the aerosols separated on the filter. Each of the 60 filters can be removed individually, making it easy to carry out follow-up analysis in the lab if required at any time. However, this is rarely necessary as SARA's CeBr3 detector is located directly above the filter. Its gamma spectroscopic ability enables the detector to identify radionuclides automatically, directly alerting the monitoring center in the event of an incident. This eliminates the need for complex background corrections, which are prone to error.

Not just reliable, SIRA is also compact and economical. What's more, a measurement container is redundant, thanks to the optional, IP54-certified outer casing. For all kinds of other useful information, such as the probe's low maintenance requirement, contact your ENVINET consultant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or just pick up the phone and dial +49 (89) 45 66 57-0. We look forward to hearing from you.

 We're confident that it won't just be our development division; come 2021, you'll also be singing "Que SIRA, SIRA – what will be, will be!" 

ENVINET – Leading in Environmental Radiation Detection

Best regards

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