MIRA Detector

MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate Detector

MIRA Detektor

The MIRA detector is specifically designed as gamma dose rate detector for use in all stations. Based on the MIRA detector, various stations and applications are possible.

MIRA can be powered by 5 V DC, supplied from a standard cell phone power unit, an integrated battery or a solar power system. For stationary application, MIRA can be easily fixed on a pole or a wall.

In combination with a tripod, MIRA works as a mobile monitoring station and can be quickly deployed in case of an emergency situation. For mobile use, MIRA is available with an integrated GPS receiver that enables the automatic recognition of a new location after deployment.

The diverse data communication capabilities permit numerous possible applications. LAN is the standard interface that can be used for configuration and data readout. Bluetooth is used as service interface e.g. for periodic tests. For wireless remote data access, a version with integrated GPRS and/or radio modem is available. Further interface options are RS232 or RS485.

Two Geiger–Mueller (GM) detectors provide a wide detection range from the natural background radiation up to >10 Sv/h. The high volume low dose rate detector (LD) enables detection of minor changes in the radiation at background levels within short detection cycles. The second detector (HD) is used for measurement of higher dose rates (>100 µSv/h). The hermetically sealed detector housing protects the electronics and detectors from external conditions.

MIRA Sonde ohne solar frei klein
Detector basic version
Top of the detector
Detector with
solar panel
mira kappe mit solar web
Top of the detector
Detector with solar
panel and rain detector
mira kappe mit solar und rd web
Top of the detector
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