LISA - Handheld

LISA – Spektroskopisches Handgerät

LISA HG grau klein

The LISA is the latest handheld radio-isotope identifier (RIID) from ENVINET. The LISA uses identification capabilities that have been selected by the US Government for Border Protection and Coast Guard missions based on ID performance, ease of use, and the built-in calibration that completely removes annual maintenance. Advanced algorithms enhance the performance of the gamma detection system and the optional neutron detector is 3He-free, employing 6Li:ZnS technology to achieve class leading handheld sensitivity.


  • Border control
  • Harbor control
  • Pedestrian control
  • Cargo control
  • Baggage control
  • Vehicle control
  • Waste control
  • Goods inspection


  • Verifies radioactive threats
  • Fast, accurate, rugged & simple to use
  • Simultaneous correct ID of multiple isotopes in 30 seconds or less
  • Continuous calibration (+/-0.5% @ 662keV)
  • Lowest total cost of ownership with zero annual maintenance
  • GPS, 3G, wireless and Bluetooth communication
  • Class leading reach back software functions
  • Identification method exceeds ANSI 42.34
  • Innovative analysis method with effective resolution of 1.5% (LaBr3(Ce)) and 3 % (NaI(Tl))