Borders & Facilities

Portal monitoring at borders and in facilities

Grenzen Einrichtungen

Passenger traffic and the movement of goods continue to increase, along with the risk of transporting radioactive material. ENVINET provides a whole range of solutions for effective border controls, including LISA, the compact, hand-held device, MONA, the highly sensitive measuring device and GINA – our portal monitor.

However, it is not just vital to monitor the movement of persons and goods at the border but also in facilities that could potentially be exposed to radioactive material, like metal recycling companies or hospitals.

Optional ENVINET products for this solution


MONA is the spectroscopic mobile solution for vehicle-mounted monitoring. The large detector enables the quick, reliable detection of gamma spectra. Not only is the system scalable up to 16 liters, it is also flexible, thanks to the support of the MIRA gamma dose rate monitoring probe and neutron detectors. MONA's state-of-the-art software is simple to operate.


The LISA spectroscopic hand-held device is compact and easy to use. Facilitating the identification of nuclides, the flexible measuring device can be deployed quickly and easily in any environment to clearly identify the source of radiation. LISA is fitted with a spectroscopic gamma detector and a neutron detector.


ENVINET's portal monitoring solution, GINA is available in different sizes and models. GINA can be used for checks on persons and goods controls. Apart from the (optional spectroscopic) gamma detector, it is also available with integrated neutron detectors.


NMC is recommended for the effective monitoring and management of a system made up of several portals. The software package offers all functions required for the simple, reliable support of a monitoring network. NMC supports the operator by means of

  • Automated data retrieval
  • Data management
  • Detection alert
  • Data visualization (as a graph or on a map of the area)