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The detection and localization of radioactive environmental contamination require highly sensitive monitoring systems with short measurement times in order to be able to quickly monitor large or scan extended areas. Our products may be operated independently or used as integral components of monitoring networks. Our products may be operated independently or used as integral components of monitoring networks.

Optional ENVINET products for this solution


MONA is the spectroscopic mobile solution for vehicle-mounted monitoring. The large detector enables the quick, reliable detection of gamma spectra. Not only is the system scalable up to 16 liters, it is also flexible, thanks to the support of the MIRA gamma dose rate monitoring probe and neutron detectors. MONA's state-of-the-art software is simple to operate.


SARA as spectroscopic gamma probe can detect smallest variations in the gamma radiation and offers a reliable discrimination between natural and artificial radiation sources. Even smallest emissions can be detected in real time. SARA can be equipped with an integrated high dose spectrometer which allows to extend the spectroscopic range of up to 100 mSv/h. This allows, in contradiction to other spectroscopic probes, to record the gamma spectrum in an emergency case and providing information about the nuclide vector.


MIRA as dose rate probe is designed for a reliable and effective area monitoring. The compact layout and low requirements on the infrastructure allows an easy installation. A integrated solar panel and battery makes it possible to operate the probe continuously without the need of a wired power connection. Providing a measurement range of up to 10 Sv/h it is suitable also for extreme situations.


NMC is recommended for the effective monitoring and management of a mobile monitoring system. The software package offers all functions required for the simple, reliable support of a monitoring network. NMC supports the operator by means of

  • Automated data retrieval
  • Data management
  • Detection alert
  • Data visualization (as a graph or on a map of the area)

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