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Newsletter September 2018 Portugal’s water is now in safe hands   It’s good to know that the world’s best port is being monitored by ENVINET   The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) recently set up a SARA water probe in the Douro river to continuously monitor radiation in the water around the Pocinho Dam. The corresponding station is permanently installed directly on the Pocinho Dam itself, in... More detail
Newsletter July 2018 A new lease of life in Bavaria     Special announcement! The ring monitoring network around nuclear facilities has now been modernized with ENVINET's latest monitoring stations.   The remote monitoring system for nuclear reactors in Bavaria falls within the remit of the Bavarian Environment Agency (LfU), which operates a ring of automatic monitoring stations – produced... More detail
Newsletter June 2018 SARA discovers Thailand – time to discover SARA     Thailand is adding another layer of security to protect its territory and citizens even better in future – with the help of SARA.   Thailand's supervisory authority, OAP (Office of Atoms for Peace) has commissioned an ENVINET monitoring network. Spectroscopic SARA stations are initially being installed at three... More detail
Newsletter May 2018 Albania has a goal. You too?     That might very well be the solution in your case as well. Albania is making investments to improve its environmental radiation monitoring.   Albania wants to identify nuclear events more quickly in future, thereby greatly reducing its response time. To this end, the Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics at the University of Tirana has launched... More detail
Newsletter April 2018 Were you at the NIC in Beijing too?     Visiting our stand is an excellent opportunity for you.   The prestigious Nuclear Industry China takes place every two years – this year's was from 28 to 31 March in Beijing. As a customer, visiting ENVINET at a trade fair offers you numerous advantages. Reap the benefits from the direct contact: get answers to your questions... More detail


2018-12-03-07 2018-12-03-07 International Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material The... More detail
2018-06-26-28 2018-06-26-28 WNE – World Nuclear Exhibition 2018   Paris, France   From... More detail
2018-06-04-08 2018-06-04-08 5th European IRPA Congress   The Hague, Netherlands, World Cent... More detail
2018-04-16-20 2018-04-16-20 IAEA – 2nd Technical Meeting on Radiation Detection Instruments... More detail
2018-03-28-31 2018-03-28-31 NIC – Nuclear Industry China 2018   China National Convention... More detail